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Topic: IDE vs SATA Performance Problem

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    IDE vs SATA Performance Problem

    I replaced a regular 7200 rpm IDE hard drive (Seagate Barracuda) with its SATA version and I don't think I am getting as good performance. I use it solely to stream samples. Since installing the SATA drive I've had Kontakt2 hesitate and my CPU meter seems to spike and I can't do anything until I quit and reload the samples. I haven't changed anything in my set up except for the hard drive swap.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience to this? Is there a cure?

    Is there anything else I should do to optimize a SATA hard drive?

    P4, 2.8, W2k, 2 gigs ram. Kontakt2.


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    Re: IDE vs SATA Performance Problem

    You might check in the Device Manager and make sure DMA is enabled. In WinXP its under the controller channel properties. I seem to recall that under Win2K it was also in the device manager but under the properties of the disks themselves. Just a thought.


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    Re: IDE vs SATA Performance Problem

    make sure its on the native (to the chipset) ports not the 3rd party ports.
    EG: silicon image etc.
    also how did you format it? 64k is best

    and contrary to popular belief SATA is NOT always faster than IDE.

    it varies greatly from drive to drive. (manufacturer, and size)

    EG: seagate 80G IDE is faster than most if not all other ide drives and faster than than many Sata that is much larger.
    300G Seagate 8 meg buffer is slightly faster than the Matrox 300G 16meg.
    yet the 400G seagate Sata is pretty slow. as are some other seagates.

    i could go on and on......


    also i just seen your on Win 2K that might be the issue.

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    Re: IDE vs SATA Performance Problem

    Thanks Howard. I'll check the DMA settings. I think my drives typically are set to Ultra DMA. Perhaps this one is not.

    Thanks Scott. I think I formatted the drive in bigger clusters. I am not sure. If the problem is the format, do I need to start from scratch with that drive? Would I have to reload all my samples?


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