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Topic: Echo Audiofire 8

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    Echo Audiofire 8

    Has anyone used one of these? I've been thinking about getting one for one of my machines. I'm also wondering how well it works with Gigastudio and Cubase.

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    Re: Echo Audiofire 8

    I'm not sure what drivers Echo is using with the Audiofire 8, but the newer drivers for the Gina 3G work fine for me !!....Jim

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    Re: Echo Audiofire 8

    Thanks for the response. I just found out that the Audiofire series supports GSIF 2.0 so that's good. I also saw that Echo is releasing 2 new firewire interfaces - the Audiofire 2 and Audiofire 4. I might go with one of those as I don't really need that many inputs/outputs. The only question is when exactly will they be released and how much will they be? Echo lists them on their site, but they aren't available at any internet store.

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    Re: Echo Audiofire 8

    The drivers for the Gina3G are also GSIF 2 drivers ..... Jim

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