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Topic: The REAL deal please on Pentium D

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    The REAL deal please on Pentium D

    I'm ready to shop!
    Cash on hand for a new PC BUT.........
    Just when I thought I had it all worked out I'm hearing some negative things on Dual Core. Negative is not the right term, perhaps uncertainty is best.

    I'm confused now.

    I use Cubase SX 3
    Giga 3 Orchestra
    VSTi Atmosphere

    I do large orchestral stuff and will be running all on same computer until the end of the year when I plan on building a second one to dedicate to Giga
    Just lost my older second machine to my Grandson !!!

    The system I've chosen is-

    ASUS P5LD2-deluxe (775 ddr2)
    PENTIUM D 3.2 GIG 800FSB 775 4 MEG CACHE 64 BIT
    2 GIGS PC-5300 KINGSTON RAM DDR2 667
    WD 80 gig H/D IDE for OS (Win Xp Pro)
    WD 150 Gig S-ATA 10K Raptor for samples

    Will this work fine or should I consider 2 single P4s


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    Re: The REAL deal please on Pentium D

    I'm not familiar with Pentiums enough to give a adequate answer.
    From the specs you have provided it seems to be a good choice.

    I have a AMD dualcore X2 4400+ in my main DAW, on which I also have Cubase SX 2 GS 3 Orchestra and Reason 3 (+ different vst plugins/instruments)

    It works great, there is more overhead for my projects in Cubase as well as Gs3.

    The only thing which could be bothersome is the CPU meter in Gs3.

    Sometimes it shows a cpu usage far above what is shown in taskmanager.
    But who cares, main point is it works
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: The REAL deal please on Pentium D

    Thanks for your input.

    Guess I put this in the wrong forum, should have used the hardware

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