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Topic: UltraDry [JABB Bossa Nova, Flue & Flugelhorn]

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    UltraDry [JABB Bossa Nova, Flute & Flugelhorn]



    And for once a piece by me in 4/4 time, sort of a Bossa Nova tune for Flute, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, and Percussion. The link will take u
    UltraDry is the fourth in my "Dry" Jazz series. Please enjoy.
    The form of the head is a bit unusual. Harmonically it is 16 bars repeated to form 32 bars. The melodic form is ABAC, a quasi rondo. The interesting bit is that The B & C sections are closely related and the first half (id est the first four bars of each) is identical only differing in the last half of the eight bar section melodically, but remain identical in their harmonic progression. It should also be noted that the first half of that half (id est the first two bars of the B & C sections) are identical to the first two bars of the A section. To summarize the opening two bar motif (if we may call it that) occurs four times in the 32 bar head.

    The form of the piece can be further broken down into four bar chunks giving us: ab a'c ab a'd. (a' is used to indicate that the first half of it (a') is identical to a). So we have A(ab) B(a'c) A(ab) C(a'd) for our final form.

    In the current recording we only play the last half (AC) of the head after the solos with a simple four bar “coda” to close the piece.

    The "Dry Jazz Suite" began as just and idea to write a couple of jazz tunes for jazz quartet featuring trumpet. The first in the series was SuperDry. The Original plan was to have just four tunes in the suite, but I ended up with six tunes, some of which are for slightly larger forces than the original quartet. UberDry is the (hopefully) last tune to be added to the suite.

    I am still learning my way around Sonar and mixing in general so any all comments on how to improve my mix are most welcome. I know there is still much to do on this one. Thank you all for your support.


    PS: The score and the MP3 file are both accessible at the above link, if you do not have the scorch plug in do not worry you only need it (scorch) to see the score. You should be able to access the MP3 file without it.
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    Re: UltraDry [JABB Bossa Nova, Flue & Flugelhorn]

    Wow, Ed, this is excellent!

    Even at 7:30 in the morning.

    Looped through this several times.

    Suggestions? Only one.

    Don't touch a thing.

    Smooth as silk, and twice as pretty...

    All my best,


    Last saw daylight in 1876...

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    Re: UltraDry [JABB Bossa Nova, Flue & Flugelhorn]

    I had to grab some java and dim the lights... this is great. Pure quality in every way. You are definitely a professional at your craft.

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    Re: UltraDry [JABB Bossa Nova, Flue & Flugelhorn]

    Dear etLux and Michael:

    Thank you both for your words and for taking time to listen. Thank you.


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