Hmm no joy with build 005 of the 2.0 Garritan Studio. Either my internal speaker metrenome beep is disabled in Cubase 3 if I load the Garritan Studio after Cubase


I loose sound to either the JABB or GPO instrument that is set up in the Garritan Studio if Cubase loads after the Garritan Studio.

Will check over the weekend to see if build 005 of the Garritan Studio 2.0 is working OK with Finale 2006.

I am using an Asio driver for the Tascam FW1884 control surface for Cubase
and this Asio driver is set up in both Garritan Studio 2.0 and in Cubase 3.1.1.

If one exits Cubase and then closes down the JABB or GPO instrument followed by closing the Garritan Studio app then XP crashes and the PC reboots.

Futher advice and help gratefully received.