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Topic: Bela D music box fun!

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    Bela D, "Music box race horse"!

    Okay, I have made it a habit not to share any of my music, and this one I put together in a day, so bear with all the flaws. It was just that I had a bit of free time and started to just have some fun with Bela's fabulous music box. Well, one thing lead to another and it just started taking a life of it's own.

    I also just picked up RA, so I decided to test it's waters out too for fun. Libraries that were harmed in the making were Hal Strings 1, EWQLSO Gold, Stormdrum, PMI Emperor, RA, Bela D. music box, and a couple of effects.

    Hope you enjoy. Again, while far from perfected and edited, it's just kind of a nice rush if you just let yourself go with the story. Thanks for listening!

    Best to all of you! -Scott


    PS.. Warm thanks to all of you great folks at Bela D for the inspiration!
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    Re: Bela D music box fun!

    Oh wow. I dont bother to comment very often but this really spoke to me. Great energy and enthusiasm. I'd love to hear it extended into a more detailed story. I think the crowd noises really tipped it off to make it really exciting. An excellent job Sir!!!!


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    Smile Re: Bela D music box fun!

    Scott, that's so cool man, thanks for sharing this!

    I grew up with that music box playing on my mom's dresser (there was a little sun spot under it when I borrowed it to sample it), so hearing it used in other's pieces is just too much. Especially when they're as cool as this. I'll be sending the link to her too, she gets a kick out of it.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
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    Re: Bela D music box fun!

    Thanks for such kind and encouraging responses guys!

    I really think the world of many of this forum's members, so it was a little intimidating to do so. Maybe this will help to crack my shell open a little.

    Alan, that's great to get a little history from you on the music box...I think it's a kick that you'll have music to bring back to your mom. Thanks so much for your time in sampling it, not to mention the generosity of gifting it away.

    Again, many many thanks...you guys are awesome!

    SIncerely, Scott

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    Re: Bela D music box fun!


    Never feel intimidated. You are very gifted and should let your "children" roam free for all to hear. I found Music Box Race really evoked emotion in me. That's whaty good music is meant to do. Would be a fantastic score for a movie.

    Congrats on a wonderful inspiration.


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    Re: Bela D music box fun!

    I like.... NEVER feel the need to respond to these but... damnit, bravo man. Great work, great music, great emoting, just great. I agree that a longer version would be awesome, this one kinda smacks you in the face, stick's it's tounge out at you and runs away and your like....what the hell just happened?

    "PRODUCER TO ARTIST: I don't care if that grace note on the snare hit in bar 9085 works! This is dub 'n bass acid house penis, not ~~~~ing house dub 'n acid bass penis with a twist!" - Nick Batzdorf

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    Re: Bela D music box fun!

    Well again, a very heartfelt thank you. I'm totally humbled.

    Honestly, my heart just aches to be able to immerse myself in scoring and composition. And it's only been for about the last two years that I have even had the chance to do a little here and there to see if really was what I was hoping it would be. It turns out to be even more so than I had hoped. So, in the meantime, I just kinda impart it here and there into some of the pop stuff I work on to quench the thirst.

    However, with being in Nashville, I have kind of resigned that if I truly wish to compete against the "Level A's", that a transfer to LA would probably make the most sense...and it just doesn't resonate all that well with the wife. Another "however", I suppose, is that my chances of being heard aren't all that great if I never share what I have. So, I think at this point I might start creating "segments" or whatever ya' wanna call them as a bit of a sampler for my portfolio. Isn't it just awesome the power that we can weild with current state of the art? What a priviledge.

    Okay, enough of me here. Again, thank you guys, you really put some light into the day.

    Sincerest, Scott

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    Question Re: Bela D, "Music box race horse"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tweedbox
    ...with Bela's fabulous music box.... Bela D. music box, and a couple of effects. PS.. Warm thanks to ...at Bela D for the inspiration!
    What the... I checked, its not the April 1st, so I don't think yer pulling my leg. But what is this " Bela D. music box" you speak of? It does not seem to be on the Bela site. Where is it??
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
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    Re: Bela D, "Music box race horse"!

    Quote Originally Posted by dwdonehoo
    What the... I checked, its not the April 1st, so I don't think yer pulling my leg. But what is this " Bela D. music box" you speak of? It does not seem to be on the Bela site. Where is it??
    Hmmmm, it used to be located at:


    I dunno where it is now. Alan, is this something that is still available as a freebie? I'm certainly not pulling your leg...but it doesn't seem to be around anymore. If it's still up as a freebie, I'd be more than happy to share it with ya'. Is this okay Alan?

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    Thumbs up Re: Bela D music box fun!

    Bela D Media | Gothik Musik Box

    The Gothik Musik Box Kontakt 1.5.3 or higher

    The Gothik Musik Box HALion version by Rick Chadwick

    The Gothik Musik Box GIGA version by Ash Foster

    The Gothik Musik Box .sfz version by Spe3d

    The Gothik Musik Box ESX-24 version by Ned Bouhalassa

    The Gothik Musik Box AKAI version by Rob Puricelli

    The sounds, samples and programming in the Gothik Musik Box remain the property of Bela D Media.com and are licensed, not sold, to you for use in music production. Do not manipulate, post formats or resell any of the samples, or programming from the Gothik Musik Box.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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