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Topic: Gs3 Fw-1804 Adat Out Problems

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    Gs3 Fw-1804 Adat Out Problems

    I am using GS3 Orchestra with a Tascam FW-1804 interface. I am outputting audio into an Alesis HD24 using ADAT lightpipe but, inexplicably, cannot seem to route any sound via outputs 5/6 on the FW-1804 (these should correspond to channels 2/3 on the HD). All the other outs are working, all machines are new, cables are new, etc. Anyone ever come across this issue (not sure whether it's a Giga or 1804 issue)? Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: Gs3 Fw-1804 Adat Out Problems

    I also have Cubase on my computer (although I rarely use it). In its list of plug-ins, Cubase lists ksproxy.ax on ADAT channels 3/4. These are the two channels that are not receiving any audio from my Gigastudio. Could this file be the culprit?

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    Re: Gs3 Fw-1804 Adat Out Problems

    I don't think that is the issue. I am just now starting to use 1804's, but I ran through the outputs and I am able to send all of the ADAT outs as expected from an 1804 to an 1884, and to a Layla 24 as well...so it appears to be working here.

    If you find the culprit, let us know...

    There is a complete uninstall PDF document on the Tascam website. You might want to do that and reinstall from scratch.

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