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Topic: Automate Stylus RMX Parameters

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    Automate Stylus RMX Parameters


    Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but it hasn't been mentioned in the videos thus far (still have a few of the new ones left). Can I automate certain parameters of Stylus from my host - like volume, or panning, or turning on an LFO, etc.?


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    Re: Automate Stylus RMX Parameters

    The instructions for host parameter automation are specific to individual hosts, so see the host-specific tutorials for instructions. For any parameters which are not automatable from your host, use the midi learn feature in Stylus RMX to automate them.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Automate Stylus RMX Parameters

    They're nearly all, if not all automatable. My method in Cubase without a hardware controller to use with MIDI learn (I don't really play keyboards so much as bang on them) -

    1. Set automation to write in the Cubase UI (press the little "W" button)
    2. With the Stylus UI up, start the track
    3. Fiddle a bit with the parameter on Stylus you want to automate
    4. Close the Stylus UI and open a new automation track in Cubase for your instance of Stylus
    5. In the dropdown to pick the parameter now you will see that the previously unnamed parameter among seemingly thousand of them has "floated" to the top of the list with an asterisk by it. Choose that parameter as the parameter for this automation track and edit as necessary.

    There may be better ways of doing this, but this works for me.

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