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Topic: Midi messages, SONAR and J&BB

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    Midi messages, SONAR and J&BB

    Thanks to all for an awesome forum. I checked out much of the threads and downloaded every file from Promocao do Amor. I can see there are some power users of J&BB already.

    My question: Can controller data, i.e. cc15 be copied from one trumpet track to another in SONAR 4 PE? I ended up re-entering all kinds of controller data on a two trumpet, two trombone project. If I tried to copy cc data, I would either get conflicting midi channel numbers in the event list or nothing appearing in the piano roll view. The wierd thing, I would get a crescendo in the track that did not show any cc data in piano roll.

    Maybe none of this makes sense. I would be happy to e-mail a SONAR 4 .cwp of the horn parts for anyone who would like to take a look. It looks like the rule is: you may not post attachments.

    Anyway, very cool forum, and much to learn.

    Chet Heflin has disabled reputation. Huh? I would like to think I have a good reputation.

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    Re: Midi messages, SONAR and J&BB

    You should be able to do it by using the filter utility with Copy, unchecking everything except controller data.


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