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Topic: Sonar Giga Rewire problem...help!

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    Sonar Giga Rewire problem...SOLVED

    It was simply the order I fired up my keyboard controller! DUH I broke the cardinal rule of Sonar, which is all midi devices must be connected and on PRIOR to launching Sonar.

    Now everything works, triggers, records, audio the whole ball of wax!

    Thanks to Jon for his answer, and off we GO!


    Hello, I'm new to Giga. Just got Ensemble this week and love the sound and concept, however I'm having a issue you might be able to help with (I hope).

    I posted this to both Sonar support and Tascam support via email, (and via phone with Tascam) But so far no answer. I know there are a couple of guys here that use Sonar with GigaStudio in rewire. SO maybe you can assist a frustrating situation.

    BTW, I am a registered Sonar 5p owner (as well as Giga)

    My system is:

    Tascam DM3200
    MOTU 2408Mk3
    MOTU fastland midi interface
    All running 48/24bit
    Sonar 5.02 Producer
    GigiaStudio 3.0 Ensemble

    Korg Mini Kontroller (keyboard controller)

    My PC is P4 3.0 (intel) on ASUS board
    2gig memory
    seperate 120gig drives for programs, Sonar audio, and Giga samples

    My system is very stable. but....

    Here is my problem.

    I can trigger GigaStudio with a existing midi track and see audio return in Sonar, however I cannot get my Korg to send notes to GigaStudio in Rewire mode.
    Also, I can trigger the notes manually (with a mouse) on GigaStudio in Rewire mode and this works, however no Midi is recorded.
    I have my controller hooked up to the Fastlane (out to in) and have attempted various combinations between Sonar and Giga, to no avail.
    The Korg will trigger as it is designed when the Giga is in stand alone mode.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Sonar Giga Rewire problem...help!

    This is the signal path:

    Korg -> MIDI Input -> Sonar -> (miidi) Giga (audio) -> Sonar -> Soundcard.

    Step 1: Can you record the Korg into Sonar?

    Step 2: Can your hear the results when you play back the Sonar recording?

    If Step 1 fails, open the Sonar piano roll and mouse the notes in. You should hear Giga when you do that, and when you play it back.

    By guess is that you just need to set up your MIDI inputs into Sonar correctly, and everything will be golden.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Sonar Giga Rewire problem...help!

    Solved! see first post.

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