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Topic: Dan Dean solo Brass vs. ProjectSAM

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    Dan Dean solo Brass vs. ProjectSAM

    I am needing to supplement a live orchestral ensemble with sampled brass in a live situation. I am needing brass with bite, but with a legit, classical orchestral sound. I have heard great things about both Dan Dean and ProjectSAM libraries, but does anyone have any personal experience with either? Pros or cons? (Since I will be playing live, I will need it to sound good without a lot of tweaking.)

    Also, I have the option of using Mach Five or Kontakt for this project. I know this is a sample library page, but any opinions on either, especially as far as stability and importing of samples? I'd really appreciate any advice!

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    Re: Dan Dean solo Brass vs. ProjectSAM

    Hey man,

    You want solo brass or sectional brass? I don't have too much experience with their solo stuff, but the SAM horn/trumpet/trombone sections all sound absolutely fantastic. Immediately playable too (at least for the Kontakt version), and you get to choose close or far mics for each instrument. My guess is that if you're playing live behind other stuff, you'd want stuff that blends and kinda sits "behind" the live people without being too intrusive, so I'd recommend far mics with sections (instead of close, or solos).

    SAM horns are an integral part of my MIDI orchestra, and even after a few years on the market, I don't think anything even comes close for orchestral brass (even the giants like EWQL, SI, VSL, etc.).
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Dan Dean solo Brass vs. ProjectSAM

    Look at Kirk Hunter's Emerald package. Great price and the brass are outstanding. They have that massive orchestral brass sound with tons of bite in every conceivable playing style - using K2 and some great scripting and keyswitching - you get a LOT for your money.


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