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Topic: Playback cracks and clicks when Cubase SX3 works with GPO

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    Playback cracks and clicks when Cubase SX3 works with GPO

    There is a nasty occurence of clicks (that sound like wood cracks or shooting the whip) when I play back the music using Cubase SX3 together with Garritan Personal Orchestra's Kontakt player as VST instrument (not Studio). The real problem is that it is purely stochastic (or coincidental, if you will) and rarely repeats in the same place. To spare forum members' time I will tell what I tried: different ASIO drivers, different latencies, turning off Automation, all recommended adjustments in famous Windows XP, hours of trying to find the rule of what happens, and .... nothing. My machine is pretty powerfull (dual core Athlon 4400+, 2GB, dual monitor installation, SB Audigy 2 Platinum etc) and when I watch processors to eventually see whether there is the problem of processing power, beleive me, the bastards are rerely busy more than 10% each and half of RAM is unused. All that makes me suspect that there is somewhere a conflict, but i have no idea where. Any help would help.

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    Re: Playback cracks and clicks when Cubase SX3 works with GPO

    There was no replay from forum members, but i found the solution that I decided to share with you in case you got into the same trouble as I did. The real problem lies in the fact that Steinberg has no experience in writing software for multiprocessing. As my machine is a dual processor, Cubase's automatic installation sets it to multiprocessing by default, and that is the clue. And it has nothing to do with all ASIOs of the world, sampling frequencies or, as I stupidly suspected, communication VST plugins-Cubase. Just go the Device setup, uncheck "Multiprocessing" and you are OK. But who, from the first shot, would suspect that the option that by its nature should help AVOID such problems will in fact be its cause?

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