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Topic: Animusic

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    Here's a cute little website worth checking out. I saw one of their clips on Wisconsin Public Television today. Very nicely done!


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    Re: Animusic

    I already have the DVD and CD for their first set. My favorite piece that they have done has to be Acoustic Curves from the first set. I need to purchase the second set, I've seen the gyro drums and those are insane.

    Now, will they release MIDI Motion? Imagine the power of MIDI Motion, Maya Unlimited, Pixar Renderman, and Garritan Sound Libraries combined. It would be the perfect orchestra! Every person would be intune, noone would miss a note. They would all pay attention. Or just screw the biped characters and stick to just the instruments, though giving Gary the ability to animate musical instruments in 3-D might be a little scary. We'll end up with a dancing etLux who moves his arms to every chord on a harp or something...
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    Re: Animusic

    I love animusic... very creative! Cool stuff!
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