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Topic: Tracks out of sync!

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    Tracks out of sync!

    Using GPO with Sonar Studio 4.04, Windows XP SP2.

    The piece--all MIDI tracks, no audio. The two tracks in question were formerly playing through a GM softsynth, and played back fine. I changed one to play back through a GPO solo violin, and it still played back fine, still in sync with the second track. But when I changed the second one to also play back through GPO, a solo clarinet voice (same instance of GPO, different MIDI channel), the two voices were out of sync!

    What could cause this? Differences in latency between the voices? If so, that's a bug in GPO, because the different instruments should be able to play in sync with one another.

    Is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Tracks out of sync!

    Expand the midi tracks and examine the time offset, right by the chorus setting. That is the first move. Don't know what the second move should be. It sounds more like a Sonar problem than GPO.


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