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Topic: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

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    Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    Does anyone have EWQL Symphonic Orchestra GOLD & EWQL Symphonic Choirs running on the 1 pc each as stand alone with its audio outs to a dedicated DAW ?

    If so then can you tell me what system setup you have please?

    I am looking at purchasing these 2 libraries and 1 pc to house them.

    Any help appreciated.

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    Good question - just to get a better picture, what DAW are you planning on using? And is there a reason in particular why you're running them as standalones, instead of via VST/DXi etc.?

    I use Symphonic Choirs along with my other orchestra libs on one PC (via Kontakt VST, 2gb RAM / 2GHz CPU / Sonar), but you really shouldn't expect to use more than a few individual patches at a time with SC if you're running it along with a whole orchestra on one computer. The wordbuilder stuff would be even trickier - you can barely fit one choir at a time with it, and that's apart from any other orchestra stuff going on. Each WB patch seems to gobble up over a gig of RAM, and since 32bit apps seem to have a 2gb RAM limit, it's tricky to get it to work well on just one PC (especially when working with an orchestra at the same time).

    I guess this is a bit off-topic, but I personally hate the wordbuilder and end up bypassing it entirely, assembling syllables manually every time. Takes a while, but sounds just so much better to me, much more contextual control than a MIDI tool can give you. In a recent composition, I had a 4 measure choir part that used sop/alt/ten, close and full mics. I ended up starting 2nd and 3rd project files for it: the first was for the orchestra, 2nd was close and 3rd was full. Then I just bounced and mixed them in a 4th project file.... and added drums/electronics in a 5th........ then did the final mix on a 6th. Long story short, I really envy people who have multiple computers.

    (...but not as much as the ones who have enough cash to hire a real orchestra)

    ((omega-digression terminated))
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    Stand alone mode takes a lot of resources.
    1 instance will be fine. Usually the second one ( i.e. running 2 at a time )
    will cripple even a moderatly strong computer.

    However running them inside of a host as a dxi or vst is much less taxing on resources and makes it possible to run many instances.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?


    I do. Here's my setup:

    Asus P5LD2 Deluxe
    Intel D 830 3.0 GHz
    2GB Ram
    Raptor Primary HD
    2 Raptors Raid 0
    ATI Radeon X300
    RME Digiface
    Lightpipe from the RME to Pro Tools on a Mac G5

    If you plan on using Wordbuilder with the Choirs, you should NOT get EWQL Symphony Choirs at this time. The ranges are so out of whack that it is unusable. Go to their choir forum and do a search on ranges.

    You will read very polite discussions, but reading between the lines, you will realize the dissatisfaction. You will find all the information you need to dissuade yourself from buying it. Until they get the ranges fixed, it’s only an overpriced, bloated library good for Oohs and Aahs. VOTA will suffice for this. BTW, I also have VOTA on the same machine and it works great, and much cheaper. Hope this helps. RC

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    Goodness, And here I was thinking the EW Choirs have stabilized?

    My DAW is Logic Pro 6 on a Power Mac MDD Dual 1 GIG with 1.5 gig RAM and 4 HDD's. I currently have OPUS 1, Project SAM, Symphony of voices all on the MAC.

    Can someone please giude me as to what would be the best option in order to use Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP Pro & Symphonic Choirs.

    I currently have the power mac as mentioned above, but I intend on purchasing a pc to possible run either 1 of the 2 libraries, or both libraries. Maybe its worth getting 2 slightly less powerful pcs ?

    NOTE: I believe I cannot run the Choirs as an AU plugin on Logic Pro 6. Is this the same for GOLD XP Pro?

    Any help?

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    I'm chiming in my two cents. I run EWSC on one PC with no probs. I can even load 2 instances with no problems unless I use the Close mic or the multis with long release trails - in which case I can freeze the tracks that give me grieve as far a processor power is concerned. In my experience SC is stable, running along side EWQLSO but, having the power of two processors would not doubt be beneficial in the fact you can cut back on the power saving work arounds.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?


    Are you running SC as stand alone?

    Are you running SO as stand alone as well ?

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    I've posted this onto the EW Forum as well, but I'm hoping to get the right info:

    Just one more thing...

    I have logic pro 6.4.2 on a Power Mac MDD Dual 1Gig CPUs with 1.5Gig RAM and 4 HDDs running OSX 10.3.9.

    Will the following run as an Audio Unit in Logic 6.4.2:

    2. CHOIRS

    I'm now thinking rather than purchasing a dedicated PC to run these libraries as stand alone, I could load them into Logic as an AU.

    Kind Regards, Max.

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    Re: Anyone have EWQLSO GOLD & EWSC on 1 pc?

    I am running EWQLSO Gold with SC on my PC which is now 3 years old. I have 3.0 CPU, Windows XP, 2 gig ram, and 3 internal hard drives.

    Running pretty stable.

    If I use Wordbulder, it is near the end prior to mixing. Until then I use OOhs and Ahhs mockups.

    Wordbuilder requires a little experience but like anything else if you use it enough you'll get he hang of it. It also has a lot of ready made Latin phrases which sound great too.

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