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Topic: GPO in Sony Acid pro. What is all of this?

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    GPO in Sony Acid pro. What is all of this?

    Hi I just signed up for the forum and this is really my only problem I'm having (that could be solved at this forum anyway). Now I dont know how many people are using GPO in Sony Acid but when I load GPO into Acid as a soft synth. it brings up the usual volume contol and level monitors like everything else... but it also brings up SEVEN other faders and level moniters next to the one labeled Garritan Personal Orchestra. The others are labeled as: KP|PO 3/4, KP|PO 5/6, KP|PO 7/8, etc, etc, etc all the way up to KP|PO 15/16. Also these monitors dont seem to do anything but bog up my workspace and when you have 4 or 5 kontackt players loaded... yeah it can be annoying scrolling through 25 of those things. My best guess was that it had something to do with the eight different slots open on the virtual rack but I've tried tinkering with them and they dont do anything. All of my loaded instruments just affect the one fader labeled as GPO. My question is either how do I make use of these otherwise "usless" faders or how do I make them go away? Any help would be appreciated on this matter.

    I am using GPO with the Kontackt PLAYER inside Sony Acid Pro 5 on Windows XP in case that helps.

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    Re: GPO in Sony Acid pro. What is all of this?

    This will 'more or less' happen in any application not just Acid Pro. As you say, Kontakt Player generates 8 stereo pair outputs for each instance of GPO. To make use of them, you need to assign each instrument to a different stereo pair which you do by clicking on the 1/2 number in the bottom right hand corner of the little screen where the instrument name is [I'm sorry words fail me to describe what this is called]. You will find you can then assign anything from 1/2 through to 15/16. Once you have done that you will find your mixers will work on each instrument assigned to that mixer channel.

    If you use Kontakt itself (rather than GPO Kontakt player) you can alter the number of outputs so not wasting that mixer space.

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