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Topic: Hyper Threading Disable

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    Exclamation Hyper Threading Disable

    The only dumb question is the one not asked right? Well, here goes. Can someone please tell me how to disable hyperthreading. That's one of the first must do's of GigaStudio. I'm a newbie from the world of Akai and Emulator. I'm setting up Giga on an IBM ThinkCentre M 51 8143 with a 3 gig processor at 7200, 3.2 gigs of ddram sata etc. Please help. All dressed up with nowhere to go!
    Now.......maybe if I click on here that'll get me to the bios. Awww

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    One of the first do's of Gigastudio is to read all the docs. The later versions of 3 are stated to be working with HT.

    - G

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    In general you turn on/off HT in the BIOS. To get into the BIOS you usually press DEL or F1 while the PC boots. Be carefull though. If you screw something up in the BIOS, bad things can happen.

    And, yes, the latest versions support HT.

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    A great big thanks to both of you for your quick reply. I'll try it without disabling that feature. By the way Gamera, I just received GigaStudio 3 Orchestra 4 days ago and the 'docs' haven't been closed since. Haven't finished reading of course but clearly on page 13 under settings & requirements it states that. Maybe it'll clear it up later huh? I'm the kind of guy who's afraid to even install such a detailed program without getting as much knowledge as I can glean, especially from you guys. Can I still load it safely onto this machine just to check it out until I get my VAIO ready for the internet?
    Thanks Again

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable


    No dis intended, but I think you're walking headfirst into a brick wall. Yes, you gotta read stuff before diving in, but eventually you have to read and dive at the same time. It's the in Release Notes that HT was made OK at some point with an update. Here are some tips:
    * Buy a copy of Ghost or Drive Image and use it to keep a baseline (no Giga) image of your drive. Then use it again to keep an image of a known working system. That way no matter what gets messed up, you can restore in short order.
    * Installing just to check it out could get you messed up with their copy protection if something gets messed up. Install and you'll have ten days before you have to activate.
    * Once you have installed and activated, backup your activation folder. You'll have to manually make this folder before running their activation backup utility. The folder has hidden files in it, so don't think it's emtpy. Back it up to someplace other than your C: drive.
    * Download and run the update to 3.12 after installing from your disk and before doing anything else. This will keep the HT problems away and many others. Activate after you've done this. Activate after you've installed any audio interfaces... in fact, installing your audio interfaces should be the first thing you do.

    Hope some of this helps
    - G

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    Thanks G-man. That was a wealth of info. I did disable HT. I finally got the program to recognize my MOTU 828. I disabled audio in bios and uninstalled SoundMax, Sonic, basically anything that had audio drivers. Just saw the opening screen for the first time. I appreciate the tips, but especially the upgrade one. I'll try that now. I truly am ignorant when it comes to this sort of thing. I've been using Cakewalk since Pro 7 but that's the extent of my knowledge. I have lots of hardware samplers like S2800s (2), Emulator (4), MPC 3000, along with about 20 other sound and effects modules. Ran those thru MOTU's Midi Timepiece AV and Digital Music's MX8 Patchbay. Still using my Kurzweil K2500X as a controller. All the help you guys give is just invaluable because support these days is almost non-existent. Thanks

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamera
    One of the first do's of Gigastudio is to read all the docs. The later versions of 3 are stated to be working with HT.

    - G
    I thought 2.5 also supported HT. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Re: Hyper Threading Disable

    Quote Originally Posted by kitekrazy
    I thought 2.5 also supported HT. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Not for me. I got the blue screen of death with 2.5 everytime I tried to boot up the 'puter until I turned HT off. Then it worked fine.

    I still haven't turned it back on. Now that I have Giga 3 Orchestra, I guess it would probably work. I have the latest update.

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