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Topic: Name that Tune

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    Name that Tune

    Sometimes I get a tune stuck in the noggin and I can't remember what it is...and I HATE THAT! This one's been stuck in there and I don't even particularly like it. It is a tune very very frequently used in movies and commercials. I think it is a soprano and an alto with heavy reverb, light orchestration. I'm somehow picturing snowflakes.

    A cookie* for the person who can name it.

    *not responsible for cookies lost/eaten by the mailperson/myself.

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    Re: Name that Tune

    My sight reading is not very good and am at work at moment, but humming it to myself, and using Google to get the exact titles, it looks like 'Viens Mallika' from the opera Lakme by Leo Delibes. It's used by British Airways ads. I'll play it on keyboard when I get home to confirm.

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    Re: Name that Tune

    Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! Nice.

    Now for the matter of the cookie...uhhh...sign out of the forum, sign back in, and you will receive a cookie from northern sounds. Just look in your browser cache...

    No, but really, thanks!

    This is a fun game. Maybe I'll post another one soon.

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    Re: Name that Tune

    AT home now, yes that's definitely the one - they called it 'Dome Epais (flower duet)' on my cd of this one - not sure why.

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    Re: Name that Tune

    "Viens, Malika" is the first line of the preceding recitativo, where Lakme asks her servent girl to follow her under the "thick dome" of the garden... and the duet "Sous le dome épais" ensues.

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