Dear Garritan Community

My name is Brian Cope, Artistic Director of the Drake Music Project Scotland, an organisation that uses innovative music technology to enable people with disabilities to play and compose music independently. Gary (our generous sponsor) has recently posted an article on our work

I am currently working with a young woman with cerebral palsy who uses a variety of interfaces to play the Stradivari Solo Violin. One of the pieces she has been studying with me is the Meditation from Massenet's Thais. We have been using a midi file created by Stefano which covers the first 22 bars of the piece but we are now ready to go on and tackle the whole piece.

I would therefore be grateful if someone from the Garritan community could assist us in acheiving this by creating a Stradivari Solo Violin midi file of the entire violin line which we could then import into our specialist performing software. If you have been using the SSV and have a little free time available we would be delighted to hear from you.

Many thanks

Brian Cope
Artistic Director