Can anyone tell me the quickest, easiest way to transfer files from Finale 2006 to Cubase--or at least an easier way than I am doing it? I entered my piece in Finale 2006 (using the GPO instruments for playback) and it sounds great (with the exception of the usual midi hickups, etc.), but when I save it as a midi file and open the song up in Cubase to record it as an audio wav file, in addition to having to reload all the GPO instruments into Cubase (like I had them loaded for the song in Finale), in Cubase certain instruments sound much louder (e.g. Pizzicato Double Basses) or softer (e.g. Violins 1 KS) than they did in Finale so I have to go back and adjust the dynamnics in all the tracks. Also, the commands for the KS instruments that worked fine in Finale 2006 (e.g. note expressions: "pizz.", or the tremolo symbol attached to a note, etc.) do not transfer over when I open the midi file in Cubase, so I have to enter the proper "dummy notes" in all the KS tracks so that Cubase knows when to switch to pizz, tremolo, arco, etc. If there is an easier way to get the exact sound that my song had in Finale 2006 in Cubase and/or if anyone knows if there has been an update to Finale 2006 that now allows you to record a wav using the GPO instruments, I would be most obliged. Thanks!