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Topic: Motu Ethno

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    Motu Ethno

    Anyone using/ about to recieve Motu ethno instruments yet.
    Curious to know how it is.....

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    Just loaded it yesterday. My initial impression is that it rocks- great sounds, excellent sound quality and the convolution reverb really makes things come alive. Doesn't seem to be putting too hard a hit on the CPU either. But, remember this is about a 10 minute impression. I'll post again after I've really played with it some.

    And it uses a dongle, BTW.

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    Looking forward to hearing further impressions.....

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    The dongle alone is enough to make it not even worth considering for me.

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder
    The dongle alone is enough to make it not even worth considering for me.
    It's our first one so it's not that big a deal... hopefully we can avoid more! BTW, couldn't play with it today, so impressions still forthcoming!

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    I can't find any listing of instruments - Has anyone seen a list yet? I have RA and EthnoWorld 3 and World Winds and a handful of other Ethnic libraries - is there anything worth getting on the Motu at this point?

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    Re: Motu Ethno

    I've played with it and used the African djembe drums in a track- they sound great. Very playable. There are some things in loops that aren't available as sounds, like mandolin. The acoustic guitars sound quite nice- they rival Realguitar, in fact, but of course without the playability and extras like fret noise. But in a pinch, you could use them. So far, I'm loving the percussion- I don't have good tablas and things of that nature and this nails it. All the loops of ethnic vocalization and stuff is cool. Also, the loops of Celtic fiddle and such sounds good but it's probably going to be rare to find situations where the loops will really fit- they have to go to a pretty specific chord structure. There is a "slice" mode, ala Stylus, that should make it more flexible but I'm having trouble making it work and I've been too busy to RTFM... all in all it seems a good purchase if you don't already have libs with this kind of stuff. If you already have Ehtnoworld and RA- hard to say, I can't make a direct comparison! I have a feeling RA probably smokes it. But, look at the price...

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