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Topic: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

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    RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    Gyorgy Ligeti, one of the most important and marvelous composers during the 20th century, has died at age 83.

    He will greatly be missed. The news of his death had upset me very much.
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    Re: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    What sad news.

    May he RIP, but his music will live forever.

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    Re: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    I mourn.


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    Re: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    R.I.P. György.

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    Re: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    Sad news indeed. I remember coming across the score to "Atmospheres" in the library when I was in college. For weeks after, I listened to everything of his I could get my hands on.
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    Re: RIP Gyorgy Ligeti

    Good bye Gyorgy. Thanks for the sensations you gave us.

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