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Topic: Thomas Bergersen Strings?

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    Thomas Bergersen Strings?

    Hi. I have just been listening to some Project Sam demos by Thomas Bergersen. Any one out there know what strings etc he uses in his compositions?

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    Re: Thomas Bergersen Strings?

    Dont know about the compositions you mention - but now he uses his own custom library.

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    Re: Thomas Bergersen Strings?

    If you go to the projectsam.com demo page you'll find a mp3 called "Flight to Rivendale"
    V. impressive IMO!

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    Re: Thomas Bergersen Strings?

    A guess would be SISS (Sonic Implants Strings) - I dont think he had his custom strings at that point.

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    Re: Thomas Bergersen Strings?

    For "The Flight to Rivendale" demo, Thomas mentions what he uses in this old thread.

    Q regarding Samhorns demos

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