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Topic: Scarbee J Fingered / Slap GIGA Help !

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    Scarbee J Fingered / Slap GIGA Help !

    Anyone using these GS versions with Cubase 3 or Nuendo 3 ?

    I'm trying to access the "Studio Bass"- patch the manual says to import the patch names into Cubase yet, it is a txt file.

    Both Cubase and Nuendo use XML files for patch scripts.

    Am I missing something here?

    So, how would a Nuendo/Cubase user access the "No Compromise"
    Studio bass patches?

    Any advice is appreciated.



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    Re: Scarbee J Fingered / Slap GIGA Help !

    I got your email and replied- I have no clue what the deal is regarding Cubase and txt files though (I use Sonar and I generally don't do patch changes with GS3, I just use the mods/key-switches or different channels). maybe someone will jump in...

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    Re: Scarbee J Fingered / Slap GIGA Help !

    Hey Fred,

    Thanks, it's different than other libs I use. which is why I'm confused.

    I was expecting the different arts, & bass sounds, noises etc to be separate "i" files you load them stack or whatever in GS and keyswitch them when needed. of just assign the sequencer track

    that everything is lumped into 1 GIG file makes it entirely dependant on the sequencer to assign patches.

    The "manual" is pretty vague in that it tells a lot about what CAN be done.
    and very little on HOW to do it.

    The sounds are Good though I'm pysched, I dropped it on a track replacing Trilogy and it sounded great. I just moved the mod wheel to get the cool jaco mutes here and there,.. yeh !

    thanks again



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