Well, my DAW is finally restored and ready to use again, although I suspect I'll be tweaking settings for some time to come since I lost all my application preferences.

With everything back up and running, I was finally able to finish the latest Composer Channel show and get it on the air. It's the 31st Edition of the GPO Variety Hour, featuring works that show off the wonderful Stienway piano. Here's what's on the show.

If you're one of the composers listed below, please email me (it's easier for me than private messaging) so that I can get more information about your songs to display on the web site.


1. Sonata no. 2 - I. Allegro ma non troppo - Christopher Reeves
2. Sonata no. 2 - II. Lento sostenuto - Christopher Reeves
3. Sonata no. 2 - III. Allero preciso - Christopher Reeves
4. Sonata for Piano No. 2, op. 14 I. Allegro - Jess Hendricks
5. Sonata for Piano No. 2, op. 14 II. Slowly and Expressively - Jess Hendricks
6. Sonata for Piano No. 2, op. 14 III. Presto Agitato - Jess Hendricks
7. Moonlight Sonata - Jonathon Cox
8. Paul de Maleingreausonate 2nd Movement - Jonathan Orwig
9. Paul de Maleingreausonate 10 - Jonathan Orwig
10. Paul de Maleingreau 1re Sonate pour piano - Jonathan Orwig
11. Argument - Michael Salamone
12. Bethena - Michael Salamone
13. Rondo - Robert Davis