Well I have GS3 Orcheatra installed now by a reputable dealer. While I shipped this DAW back east, I used my trusty Old 2.54/Scope DAW which works flawlwessley. My GS3/Scope Daw has finally been returned, and still certain key features do not work. I am convinced that this was an early release product with several bugs. As a sample playback device, it works flawlessly, and it also works fine with Gigapulse. However the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes VST FX still do not work correctly, and the naming and saving of other NFX does not work well either. The Distibuted Waves Instrument creating will not work as described in the manual, same with AKAI sample conversion. The only reason I bought this device was because it sounded too good to be true. And that is the case. If you only need sample playback with Gigapulse added, it works fine, for NFX are extremely lame IMHO, and I would never color my sounds in such a way. But then again I don't do weddings. My conclusion is that GS3 can play back great samples w/ Gigapulse, and that is it. As I just wasted another 475 USD trying to get this overbloated app. to perform as well as 2.54. Now I'm forced to go with GVI, as I really believe that is where this app. is headed. When they heeded to the calls of VST, GS3 was just a pause in between. GVI is being thoroughly tested, and should work as advertised. But I will never go for " GS4 ", or any more of their standalone products, unless it's a revamped 2.54., as that was the last good product they released. Never needed to call customer support on Gs2.54, hell I didn't even need to join this forum, as this is the only customer support you'll ever see from Tascam. Let's hope GVI is where they really concentrated their efforts, as I have not seen one properly running example of GS3 yet, except for giga die hard's who can't explain why their rigs work, and no one else's do. Don't fall for that story about sending your rig to a reputable dealer either, my rig has not changed one iotta. We all hold our breath for the real Nemesys guys to make a comeback with GVI. Since Tascam has stepped in, this product has become less unique, and more like an overbloated sequencer app., than a good sample playback w/ extra's. As a last resort, I can and will use my 2.54 and load all 3 x of my DSP Scope cards into that box. Otherwise, I will re convert my DVD's through Translator, and use a rack of Emu samplers that I still have. Stability, and product support are paramount to me and other touring musicians and producers. Tascam had better return to the Nemesys way of running their business or risk losing many of their customers such as me. The only reason I still stay with them is because of the old way they use to make products, and do business. Let's hope this changes.