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Topic: Hard-disk recorder for live stuff?

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    Hard-disk recorder for live stuff?

    Hey all-
    I have a buddy that is looking to get a recorder for his band, so he can record rehearsals and eventually take it out on the road and record gigs. He's wanting something with at least 8 XLR ins and something pretty rugged.

    I told him he should just use his laptop and get a Presonus Firepod, but he's wanting to look at CPU-free options as well.

    I'm not a "live-sound" guy, so I thought I'd ask here.

    I think he is looking to spend around 1 - 1.5k.

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    Re: Hard-disk recorder for live stuff?

    Look at the Akesis HD24. It is what I still use in some live venues to sync up with a hardware sequencer, instead of using a computer based sequencer. I cannot have failures during a gig, or it's my ~~~.

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    Re: Hard-disk recorder for live stuff?

    Cool! Thanks, James! I'll add it to "the list".
    Any other suggestions from people?

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