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Topic: Tempo Drift

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    Tempo Drift

    I'm using Kontakt 2.1.1, hosted in Ableton Live 5.2. Ableton Live is on a Mac G5 Dual 2.5 gHz, and is only serving as a host for Kontakt. It's receiving MIDI sync from a second computer (a dual processor 3.2 gHz PC), which is running Pro Tools 7. I have the two computers in sync with both MIDI and audio. But here is where the problem starts.

    When I start the Pro Tools session, the tempo of the drum loops in Kontakt matches Pro Tools at first, but after a few measures the tempo of the drum loop in Kontakt begins to drift. My only temporary work-around solution is to shut off the external sync in Kontakt and set a master tempo. I really need Kontakt to sync reliably, though. The work-around won't work for music where the tempo changes midway.

    Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, what solutions have you adopted? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Tempo Drift

    If you make Live the master... does K2 still drift?.... or is it only when Live is locking to midi clock?

    Just curious.... because K2 seemes to lock ok as a VSTI in Nuendo when Nuendo is the master. Also.... both K2 and Kore aren't capable of locking to midi clock or tempo changes in stand-alone mode.... maybe this is related?

    Hopefully NI will get their midi clock synching together soon!!!


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    Re: Tempo Drift

    It was drifting when chasing - I didn't check to see if the drift would continue if Ableton was the master, although I assume it wouldn't, as the two programs are on the same system, and K2 is functioning as a plugin. By the way, I thought my fellow Digidesign 002 Rack users might be interested to know from whence my problem may have actually stemmed. Get this -- if you purchased your 002 between certain dates (mine was December of 2004), you very likely have a defective component in it!

    Contact Digidesign, and they'll send you a replacement 002Rack DC Harness. I got mine today. You have to install it yourself, but I was able to do it (and I'm no wizard at that kind of stuff). When I hooked everything back up and got it all working again, my tempo drift issue had disappeared.

    I can't say for 100% sure that the DC Harness was the solution. During the reboot process, I had to refresh my firewire drivers on my PC by removing them and then reinstalling (an issue with service pack 2 requires this for reliable firewire function, apparently). I do know that after the harness went in, the 002 became the rock-solid friend I know and love once again. It's definitely worth looking into for anyone who bought a 002 around the time that I did. Digidesign has the exact information regarding purchase dates, and can tell from your registered serial number whether or not you own a 002 with a bad harness.

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