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Topic: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

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    Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

    Hey everyone! After a brief hiatus - or me doing nothing - I'm back! Go to my myspace page and check out my latest piece, Desert Trek. It features my friends Rob on guitar and Kriston on vocals. Think of this convoy of american troops in the desert as they are attacked by terrorists (unsuccesfully, of course) Hope you enjoy!


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    Re: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

    Nice work!

    A very high action-packed arrangement!

    The vocals are especially nice... and perhaps could even be emphasized a bit more, with ambience/reverb, or perhaps doubled with a string section... just a thought.

    overall, Great job!


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    Re: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler


    What a great blend of styles, influences, and -- energy!

    Great job on this, Brian...



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    Re: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

    Thanks for the info! This was my first piece using vocals so I'm still experimenting with orchestration.

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    Re: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

    That was a fun ride! I'm going to get back in line...

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    Re: Desert Trek-Brian Sadler

    Great piece...exciting and well orchestrated. I enjoyed listening to it very much as well as your other works posted at your site!



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