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Topic: Civil War Medley for fifes & drums

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    Civil War Medley for fifes & drums

    My very first GPO project was a Colonial fife & drum medley to be performed at the Dallas Wind Symphony's July 4th concert (original thread here). It went over so well that I've been asked to do another one, and naturally I chose to do a medley of Civil War tunes this time around - "Battle Cry of Freedom", "Tramp Tramp Tramp", "Kingdom Coming" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic":

    Civil War Medley (MP3)
    Score (PDF)

    This was done in Finale 2006 with full GPO. The harmonizations and drum cadences are all taken from traditional sources so there is little if any original work here, but with the arranging, coordinating and choreography (we add several flag bearers to the group as well), it quickly turns into quite a production. I used a lot of reverb (Ambience "Church" preset) since this will be performed in a very live marble foyer and the primary purpose of this realization is to give the conductor a good impression of what it will sound like live. I did do a little post-processing to thicken up the fifes.

    Hope you enjoy - have a happy Independence Day!


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    Re: Civil War Medley for fifes & drums

    Oh now this is really different and very nice. Love the simple sound of the fife and really well done percussion. I will have to get more proficient in that are myself being a Finale 2006 and GPO user as I like marches! Hope to hear more in the future.



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    Re: Civil War Medley for fifes & drums

    Very, very well done, David!

    I truly enjoyed listening to this.

    Excellent work on the score, as well -- first rate.

    My best,


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    Re: Civil War Medley for fifes & drums

    Excellent job on this. I have listened to it a dozen times. Its one of those pieces one never tires of listening to.
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