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Topic: How use 8+ instruments (Newbie Garritan using Logic)

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    How use 8+ instruments (Newbie Garritan using Logic)

    I'm using Logic Express, and I'm not sure if it's possible to use more than 8 instruments. Is there a way to assign the Kontakt Player's Virtual Rack to channels 7-16, 17-24, etc. so I can use more than 8 instruments?



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    Talking Re: How use 8+ instruments (Newbie Garritan using Logic)

    Hello? Anybody? I thought that this was a pretty simple question, but perhaps I was wrong?

    Logic Express assigns a separate Kontakt Player for every Garritan Instrument used, and as it is right now, I can only use channels 1-8. Finale has a set-up to allow you to use different sets of channels for different Kontakt Players so the program can play more than 8 instruments.

    I'm asking if it's possible on the Kontakt player to have different channels assigned to the Virtual Rack to represent Instrument 9-16, or 17-24, etc.



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    Re: How use 8+ instruments (Newbie Garritan using Logic)

    Hey Wesley,

    I don't use Logic Express that often, but I think you can do what you ask. Did you happen to check the Logic tutorials on the Garritan website?

    You may have to roll up your sleeves and do some programming in the Environment to achieve what you're after.

    OK, so I didn't directly answer your question...but I did acknowledge the existence of your question! And maybe by giving a bumbling answer I may provoke someone who actually knows into answering your query!

    (How much horsepower does your computer have? Which version of Logic Express are you using?)

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    Re: How use 8+ instruments (Newbie Garritan using Logic)

    Brad Pearson
    THG Music
    Spokane WA

    MacBook Pro (2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo), 3 gig RAM, OS 10.6.5, Finale 2011b, GPO4 & CMB2

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