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Topic: Notion- very impressive

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    Notion- very impressive

    I know there's been endless debates about the merits of this program but I just received it this week and really enjoy working with it. The spiccato string sounds are especially great as are the percussion samples. Even the winds have a nice sound to them. The longer bowed strings aren't up to the VSL and EWQLSO standard but this program is so easy to write finished product scores on as well as a nice way of hearing what you've written. The company is also releasing Expanded Section packs ($50) that add instruments or articulations. I already bought the Expanded Strings and like the sordino patches as well as the tremolo samples that came with it. And it integrates itself into the main program seamlessly.

    Thumbs way up!

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    Re: Notion- very impressive

    Hmm ... I ordered the demo version months ago and still did not receive it ...

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