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Topic: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

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    Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    OK...So I was bored at work today and was thinking about music...Don't we all? And I was thinking about different ways to transition from one part of a song to the next...Usually when I want something besides a snare or tom fill I just go to the Triton and pull up a reverse cymbal because it's faster than spending who knows how long searching through sound libraries....I think it would be cool if "transitions" was added to the categories with some really creative one hit type stuff like morphing, reversing,chopped kind of things that is very rhythmic stretched out across the keys like the drum kits...Does that make sense?...Moon

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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    I'm smellin what you're steppin in! Being able to find what you are looking for , before the idea and inspiration goes away is half the battle. Good idea.

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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    Yup, good idea. It would speed up the work definitely:-)

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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    That's a very good idea. I would like to see something like that. Usually I make the transitions last, or not right away because they take to long to make. Making a good transition right away will make me forget the rest of the ideas I was going for. :P

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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    Another reason I think it would be cool is because it could actually take you in a different direction than you might have taken otherwise....I know some of the rhythms do this now through out the song...Gives it a different vibe than I was originally thinking....

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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    It's already there... ;-)

    You guys need to watch the "Reverse Cymbals Must Die!" Trick Tutorial video:


    Enjoy! :-)


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    Re: Cool idea for RMX...I think....

    That was a pretty neat video...I'd definitely try that versus going to my Triton again.....I was thinking a little bigger than just that though...Kind of like Chopped Guitars but with drums...I guess a good example would be like an 808 snare fill that starts with 8th notes for four beats then goes to 16th notes for four and so on til it's just a wall of static that pans left and right....We've all heard that on remix's but I have no idea how to do it....Or another example would be Tobias' demo Sage Rage where he uses reverse cymbals but in a really cool way with the panning.....If there was a way to do this kind of stuff where it stayed on the beat and was a keyboard note away....Well....That would be really cool.....On a side note....I have found some stuff in Atmosphere that helps make some nice transitions but I'm thinking more extreme as in the above examples....Thanks!

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