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Topic: DPDan's Christmas Song

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    DPDan's Christmas Song

    I couldn't find this thread anywhere. But I just heard this and I thought this is too good a piece not to have discussion on.

    I don't know if it was discussed elsewhere previously?

    You can hear it on DPDan's power profile at http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...astposter&f=36

    Scroll down and click The Christmas Song.

    I'm hoping DPDan will see this at one point later and comment.

    I'd love to know what libraries were used here. Was it all GPO, even the piano? Guitar was live?

    This is really amazing. If Dan says the orchestra is mostly GPO, I will be shocked. It sounds like a live orchestra!

    My hat off to you sir. You continue to amaze me with your production skills.

    Gary get this guy to do a Stradivari demo!

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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song

    I'm following you around the forum here PanzerD

    It is all GPO except the strings which are GOS (Garritan Orchestral Strings)
    The vocalist is a friend Eric Dalbey.
    Thanks so much !!

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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song

    This is really magical DPDan.

    GOS sounds wonderful here. How did you get that tone, it sounds straight out of the 60s/70s with classics like Nat King Cole.

    Any special production or is it all in the composition? Please share your tricks with us! One other question, did you use Altiverb here?

    Exceptional. I have had this on repeat several times in a row now.

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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song

    This arrangement I can not claim, well, I transcribed it by ear from the David Foster Christmas CD the best I could, so, it is based on the arrangement by Johnny Mandel.

    All the strings are GOS with a few GPO solo violins for sweetening, (I didn't have the Garritan Stradivarius Solo Violin library then), the rest of the orchestral instruments are GPO. If my memory serves me correct, the piano, vibes, saxes, drums and guitar are all JABB (Garritan Jazz and Big Band). The upright acoustic bass is the wonderful Spectrasonics Trilogy acoustic bass.

    I used one impulse response for everything. It is a Lexicon 480L impulse responses from Altiverb 5. In Altiverb it is called L480, one of the 98 available impulse responses of a Lexicon studio reverb unit. I did not want this arrangement to sound like it was recorded in a concert hall. I went after a more contemporary intimate studio sound, hence the Lexicon.

    Thank you panzerD

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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song


    Super piece...great production of this classic work. The GPO and GOS has so much to offer. And it takes the master to make it all happen!! BRAVO!


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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song

    I don't recollect hearing this one previously, Dan; or perhaps it
    was some time ago -- but I'm glad it came up again!

    Aside from a welcome breath of Christmas in June... lol -- just
    fantastic skill in the rendering of this, as always. The nuancing
    and finesse you exercise is phenomenal; yet always musically
    astute, as well.

    You never cease to amaze, my friend...

    My best,


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    Re: DPDan's Christmas Song

    Gary B, your compliments are heartfelt and very generous, thanks so much.

    David, thank you for your time here on the forum, and the incredible amount of support that you consisitantly offer to everyone! Thank you!


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