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Topic: Muzak to be banned?

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    Muzak to be banned?

    Plan to ban Muzak goes to Lords:

    Muzak drives some people mad...
    The scourge of background music must be banned, the House of Lords is being told as a peer tries to introduce new laws against noise pollution.
    Green Party peer Lord Beaumont is trying to win support for his Piped Music and Showing of Television Programmes Bill.

    It would force ministers to draw up plans to ban music and television programmes in trains and hospitals.

    But supporters of "muzak" say it can be soothing.

    Lord Beaumont's bill has its second reading debate in the Lords on Friday.

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    Re: Muzak to be banned?

    The Lords' Prayer:

    Ban it! BAN IT!!!

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    Re: Muzak to be banned?

    I'd rather listen to muzak any day of the week, than a lot of the stuff that's hitting the charts right now... Plus, if you can get the gig, muzak is a way of making some money as a composer... So, don't ban muzak, ban rap...

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