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Topic: Experiences, Tascam 1884/1804?

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    Experiences, Tascam 1884/1804?

    Hello folks,

    Due a massive power event at my studio, and simultaneously, landing a cherry gig that is going to require me to have a full composing/mixing rig on the road for a month, I am completely reconfiguring my existing composing rig.

    I did a lot of research, and I keep coming up with a combination of Tascam FW1884 (expanded out with a couple of FE-8's), and three or four FW1804's (one to increase the mic-preamps on the DAW to a set of 12, the others to put on the Giga machines).

    This gives me (in theory):

    16 discrete lightpipe i/o channels on the DAW
    All relevant forms of sync (word, SPDIF, ADAT, MTC) on all machines
    12 nice preamps on the DAW
    stereo/surround monitoring on the DAW
    12 insert channels on the DAW
    24 automation channels on the DAW
    6 MIDI inputs, 8 MIDI outputs on the DAW

    Since I don't actually run anything but overdub sessions here, I think I can live without any more microphone input/preamp channels, and so, in theory again, I will be able to use this rig with no analog board (which is my end goal...I'm using a huge analog board for nothing more than mic inputs and monitoring at this point, which seems a total waste).

    On the Giga/Synth machines, it gives me two hardware MIDI-in ports on each machine, and 8 ADAT/lightpipe channels out, plus all the sync/analog.

    Has anyone else combined up this particular hardware setup?

    Best regards,

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    Re: Experiences, Tascam 1884/1804?

    I have an 1804 on my DAW and have been quite happy with it. It's light piped to a WaveCenter on my Giga machine. As you know, the WaveCenter doesn't have all the synch options you want, but the Dakota does. I'd think you'd want as little outboard gear as posible on the road.

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    Re: Experiences, Tascam 1884/1804?

    Hi again, Bruce. My rig isn't as big as what you're putting together but includes a FW1884, PC, mic pre, tube compressor, converter, etc. And the way I protect these from power events is with a Furman AR1215 voltage regulator and an APC 650 UPS. I've experienced brownouts and total power failures during mixdowns and was able to finish a 5 minute recording and gracefully shut down... with not so much as a digital spike anywhere.

    With your rig you'd probably need at least an AR20 (or two) and bigger UPS's.


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    Re: Experiences, Tascam 1884/1804?

    Hey Bruce

    I use the 1884 and it's been great (no 64bit drivers though).
    You may want to check out to see if anyone over there has a setup as complex as yours.



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