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Topic: Computer Guru's please

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    Computer Guru's please

    OK guys and gals ....What do I need to run good and plenty ???......I have a new RME HDSP 9652 audio card , and I want to load Kontakt 2, and Sonar into a new computer ... I have no preference with AMD or Pentium ..I have a Pentium 4 now that runs GREAT with GigaStudio
    That's it !!.....Simple right ? .... If someone could please advise me of the parts that I should use in a computer that will run all of these programs and hardware without a hitch , and run them fast , and with plenty of track's .... I've tried to find out a good running setup in other threads with no success ...
    Maybe I will have some luck here ???....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Computer Guru's please

    I'm not expert with soundcard, but I can definitely help you with this!

    But it'd help if you had a budget range you can work with, how urgently you need it, and what environment you worked under, such as live recording, or studio rack-mount.

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    Re: Computer Guru's please

    Budget range is $1,000 -$2,000 depending on setup ....I do a lot of studio work and this would be for the studio ....It does NOT have to be rack mount if it's gonna run hot....I can do a mid to larger case if necessary .... It has to be dependable , fast , and work with Sonar and Kontakt 2 working together without problems ....There is also the RME HDSP sound card that has to also work in this setup ....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Computer Guru's please


    if you can still wait a couple of weeks, I would wait for the new
    Intel Conroe processors to be released mid-July. This CPU is
    supposed to perform between 20 and 40% better than the
    current AMD and Intel CPUs and also has less power-consumption.

    And even if you don't need that CPU-power, the release of this
    new beast will trigger a steep price-drop of the other Intel and
    AMD CPUs - so the wait might well be worth it...


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    Re: Computer Guru's please

    That sounds like a plan.....I'm wondering how well they will work with the setup that I described ? .....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Computer Guru's please

    The Conroes are high-powered CPU's that are affordable that will fit the purpose you'd like.

    They are good and multi-tasking, which is exactly what you need, as with multiple softwares open, and processing all at the same time.

    After that, you'll need to have at least 2 Gigabyte of RAM. I'd suggest PC2-8000 RAM's (BUt mightily expensive). If you wish, go instead for PC-3200 DDRAM.

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