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Topic: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

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    Question Can someone help me find this music plz ?


    I've been hearing this passage in 2 TV programs and if it is as I think a classical piece, I would like to buy the whole score. Here is an excerpt from Carl Sagan Cosmos :


    Can someone help please ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

    It's Neptune from the Planet's Suite, by Holst. At least I think it's Neptune - it's midnight, and I've just marked 40 very poor composition exams, and I'm not entirely sure of anything.

    Of course it could be by Zimmer..

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    Re: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

    There are lots of recordings of Holst's Planets. I have one of the LA Philharmonic that I don't recommend. It's not engineered all that well and actually has some digital clipping. I've got a Scottish recording on vinyl that's much, much better.

    This one is well reviewed:

    One reviewer there recommended the LSO's performance conducted by Geoffrey Simon under the Delta Entertainment label. I haven't heard it, myself. In any case, read the reviews and choose accordingly. Depending upon the balance of the instruments, different recordings can sound like totally different works.

    Also, you can get the whole score (all the planets) for under $20 from Dover Press. I bought this (and Stravinsky's Firebird) and have really enjoyed studying it.

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    Smile Re: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

    When you search something like this you can go there:
    and write the notes of what you hear so:

    g e g e d# g#

    and you get:

    For people who want to have this kind of research, you can buy : " A dictioaary of musical themes" from harold Barlow on Crown edition.

    You can so verify if your next composition still exist?!
    Best regards

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    Re: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Jon, thanks for that! I was buying two books from Amazon which totaled $24.87. I needed at least $25 to qualify for free shipping (I'm such a tightwad!), but couldn't think of or spend the time finding anything else costing at least 13 cents to buy. Now I'm all set!

    Ridiculous, but true!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Can someone help me find this music plz ?

    Thanks Pingu, Jon, Prince, Dup and Mike !

    It just amaze me each time how quick and knowlegeable people are in our community

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