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Topic: Production desk

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    Production desk

    I'm currently looking for a new desk for my DAW. At the moment I have this one. What I'm looking for is basically a simple table/desk with a lot of surface space but...instead of having a retractable computer keyboard tray that slides from underneath the desk, I would like a retractable tray that could accomodate an 88 Key midi controller. This would allow me to use the surface of the table for my computer keyboard,mouse, monitor, speakers etc. And, it would leave a ton of extra space for witing notes and miscellaneous things. With my current setup I feel kind of cramped. The type of desk I'm looking for is in the Kontakt 2 tutorial dvd. Does anyone know where I might be able to find such a thing? Or, am I gonna have to custom build this myself? Thanks
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    Re: Production desk

    I haven't watched the DVD, but these are pretty cool:


    This is what I put together a couple of years ago. The pictures don't really show you how much desk space there is, but when the desk (which is on heavy-duty drawer slides) is back I have 3' by 5' of surface area. It takes literally a second to slide the desk forward to reveal the keyboard. The thing's mostly built out of Ultimate Support hardware.


    I found that it's more practical to make the desk move than to try and slide the MIDI keyboard.

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    Re: Production desk

    Thanks for the replies guys. Nick, that's a great set up. I think that might be the way for me to go. By the way, fantastic magazine. Can't wait for the next issue!

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    Sonar 4 PE, Ableton Live 5, NI Komplete 2/KC 2005, Sound Forge 8, Keysation Pro 88, Trigger Finger

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    Re: Production desk

    Argosy desks, while not the cheapest certainly do look great and very professional. If you are looking for a nice desk, I recommend argosy as well. I have had good experience with them as well.

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    Re: Production desk

    We all have our own way of working. That Argosy stuff always looks so cluttered to me. I need space...not all the knobs and outboard junk crammed right there next to the keyboard. I don't even see where you could place the mouse with that Argosy layuout. Even Nick's picture shows his mouse and computer keyboard on his setup way past the music keyboard...I couldn't work that way with all the reaching.

    I had my area custom built (a gigantic semi-circle of workstations) a few years back. I did look at the Argosy and other brands, but nothing really fit what I needed.

    For example, I have several under-the-desk left/right pull outs that are at either side of my chair...right for mouse..left for daw controllers. All right there as if they were part of the chair arms. Pc keyboards are on free floating swivels so I can have them just over the synth keys or push them completely out of the way.

    Like I say, I had all this custom built...just showed a carpenter the layout of how I wanted things and he built it. I've been very happy with this and was surprised that it actually costed less than if I had gone with a commercial Argosy type. It looks great too.

    Even if you're looking for a simple table type, it might be beneficial to sketch out how you really want to have your equipment available to you and then show it to a local carpenter. You might be able to get exactly what you want at a lower price.

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    Re: Production desk

    Remember, that's just a photo. I usually move the computer keyboard much closer when I'm sequencing, and actually there's a decent sized area on the right side of the MIDI keyboard that I use for the mouse. If I'm tweaking in the sequencer for any length of time, I slide the desk back over the MIDI keyboard so the computer keyboard is in a comfortable, relaxed position and I can rest my forearms on the desk.

    The main thing is that I don't believe in computer keyboard shelves. As I've said many times, when your forearms are unsupported, you tense up your forearms and shoulders to create a pivot point. My theory is that that's what causes peoples' infamous carpal tunnel problems.

    A chair with armrests is probably okay - I just can't really type very well that way.

    Thanks Jim. It'll be out in a few days.

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    Re: Production desk

    It's a Kurzweil K2500X, the 88-key version of this keyboard. The area with the writing at the right works well for the mouse.

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    Re: Production desk

    What's wrong with simply putting the MIDI keyboard behind the keyboard and mouse and the screen/screens behind the MIDI keyboard? It's very simple and it always works for me. My forearms are resting on the desk when I'm typing or using the keyboard and/or the mouse and I don't have to move anything out of the way, ever. The only time I have to lift my forearms is when I play the MIDI keyboard, but really, how many of you rest your arms on anything while playing the piano?

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    Re: Production desk

    Quiklok Z600 works well for us....

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    Re: Production desk

    There is nothing wrong with that at all. But what I'm looking for is a ton of open space so that I can also use the production desk as a desk. I've got no room to write or put anything down. I was just hoping that someone here would happen to know where I could find such a thing. I'll have to ask the guy from the Kontakt 2 tutorial DVD. However, I also really like what Nick has going on.
    P4 3.20 GHz, 2GB RAM WinXP Pro SP2, RME Multiface
    Sonar 4 PE, Ableton Live 5, NI Komplete 2/KC 2005, Sound Forge 8, Keysation Pro 88, Trigger Finger

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