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Topic: Help!Help! Please...

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    Unhappy Help!Help! Please...

    I am going nuts for the past two months instead of asking for help.
    Stand alone P4, 2 Gig RAM, Windows XP Home, Audiophile 2496, HomeStudio 2004, two HDs, Maxtors 7500 rpm, one for my samples only, Windows optimized as per Tascam and other sources, no other programs on this PC except GS 3.12 Orchestra, rewire and Quicksound file monitoring shut off.
    Describing the problem is difficult because it is random. For example, working on a project, replaying a few bars then making some adjustments to C11 on one of the instruments, starting replay again, and one instrument ( no rhyme or reason which one) would come up with a sound out of the blue, and sound for ever if I don't reset Homestudio. Next time, nothing happens, then three or four times one of the blessed sounds would come on. I am running on Emerald only, and asked Kirk if he could help, his opinion was that maybe it is a memory issue, overloading what I have. GS reports 23% memory and 45 % CPU useage, I am running a very modest orchestra with few articulation changes. When the sound does not show up, everything is working and sounding fine. By the way, the sound is NOT recorded if I am recording, and it is not indicated "on" in GS mixer page as an active instrument, it is just there..
    Cakewalks advise was to try rewire, which I did in desperation, ending up with "machinegun" sounds..., so quickly abandoned.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Help!Help! Please...

    Do Home Studio and GS output audio to the same ports? If so, try making them different. For instance you can try routing GS's audio 3-4 out to your 1-2 in so you can mix it with Home Studio's 1-2 out for monitoring.


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    Re: Help!Help! Please...

    Thank you howardv. My sound card has only input 1-2 and output 1-2. In GS, on the System settings there are audio input and outputs listed, and I can enable them, making a green tick-mark beside the ports. However, if I enable any other than 1-2, there is no sound at all.
    One thing which your kind answer could have helped, on the same System settings, I had only output chanels enabled, no input chanels at all. I enabled input chanel 1-2, and now I can not reproduce the stuck sounds. Because this problem was so random, I can not make myself believe that the problem is solved, I have to start working and see if it is true. Without your help even this hope would not have happened.
    Thank you again, I hope I will send you an other thanks in a few days.

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    Re: Help!Help! Please...

    Definitely odd. I usually only activate inputs in gs3 if I'm trying to process audio with gigapulse or something. But whatever works.

    btw, when I looked up the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 it was listed as having 2x2 audio plus spidif. I'd expect that to show up as 3 available input pairs. And if its anything like my M-Audio tdif card, 2 available output pairs. Now that I think of it, if the fix you're trying doesn't work, you might try going into the m-audio driver patchbay and perhaps not use the monitor outs but use the direct audio outs instead. I seem to remember having some sort of feedback problem in there once. But I only use that card now on occasion for tdif dumps so you might want to compare patchbay configs with other more heavy m-audio users.


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    Talking Re: Help!Help! Please...

    Still in the same problem. I do not dare to write BUMP, but if you gurus would hear a desperate ppp little bump....


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