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Topic: New Song, For a HL2 Mod

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    New Song, For a HL2 Mod

    Hey I made this song for a Korean War mod that only has a few gun models done and im not even sure if the mod is going to pull through but i hope it does. anyways.


    Any suggestions will be appreiciated.

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    Re: New Song, For a HL2 Mod

    I like the feel of the piece, especially the use of percussion.

    What library are you using? The strings sound synthy, and the sustained notes make it even more obvious.

    I'm thinking maybe more movement in the lower strings? Also, there are a lot of long sustained notes--maybe having shorter and more rhymic accompanying notes/instrument will create more variation in the piece.

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    Re: New Song, For a HL2 Mod

    They are just stock kontakt 2 strings except for the intro cello which is from the Kirk Hunter Virtuoso lib.

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    Re: New Song, For a HL2 Mod

    I like it. I'm really not qualified to give you any advice yet as I'm still learning many things about music (I just started my hand at producing less than a year ago). I do feel it could be made to sound much bigger though.

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