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Topic: Download VSTi's???

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    Download VSTi's???

    Has anyone seen this?
    This can't possibly be legitimate, or legal, right?

    I apologize for making this public....
    Lesson learned!

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    That looks to me like it's HUGELY illegal.

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    The best way to reply to these is to send the developers a PM so as not to direct traffic to an illegal site and draw the developer's attention to it at the same time. Mods should kill this thread and notify Eric, Gary, EW guys etc.

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    Man, that's horrible

    I hope that someone can shut these clowns down.

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    Can the NS moderators close and delete this thread please?

    We don't need more examples of piracy sites. It's likely located in Russia and so there's not much that can be done about it.


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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    Site's tied to a PO Box in Virginia - could be faked in the whois listing, but... I've notified some MS corp people with some muscle. It will go away if it is in the U.S.

    You can get away with this in Russia or China. In the U.S. you will go down in a pile of ash.

    P.S. The site is hosted in the U.S. (Portland, Oregon) by LiquidWeb (http://liquidweb.com/). Certainly that can be taken down. The IP address is

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    They don't appear to be actually hosting pirated software/movies/etc.; it seems to be a P2P or Bittorrent front end. They are saying "with this you can FIND blah blah blah..." which of course still sucks. But it probably gets them around the law much the way Kazaa and Bearshare do. Of course, those apps aren't dumb enough to advertise "Hey! Get free copyrighted software!!" like these clowns. The actual call to action, as it were, probably means someone can bust these guys. Good.

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    They are saying "with this you can FIND blah blah blah..." which of course still sucks. But it probably gets them around the law much the way Kazaa and Bearshare do.
    That argument is carrying progressively less water in increasingly numerous countries. For example:

    Quote Originally Posted by BBC News


    The record industry has welcomed a Dutch court ruling against a website that provided links to MP3 music files.
    The Zoekmp3.nl site, run by Techno Design, was shut down after the decision by the Dutch Court of Appeal.

    It ruled that the site was breaking the law by providing links to illegal MP3 files on the internet, even though it did not host the content itself.

    [ . . . ]
    — alanb




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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    The website is clearly an illegal activity.

    If you are in doubt yourself about the legal aspects of a site, you better don't post a link. It would only inspire some people to engage in illegal activities.

    Since it takes NS operators/moderators quite some time to close down this topic, it seems no more than normal that you would remove the link yourself.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    EDIT: Thanks again!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Download VSTi's???

    You should know that in March this year, the russian government passed a tough law prohibiting the illegal distribution of software, mp3's, etc...

    It'll take them a while to make inroads, but the penalties are far harsher than in other countries. (5-10 years, jailed in the East and North of the country).

    There's already been some high profile cases here on the box, with big operators getting long jail terms, and hard labour. The market near me where i usually buy my food, and was full of shops offering cheap software, music, etc... has been closed indefintely, and many people charged and sent back to their own countries (usually Georgia, and Ukraine) to face sentencing. Most of them weren't registered here, which is another problem the government is grappling with.

    And let's not forget, sites are often mirrored through other countries, to avoid law, detection, etc... 3 Slovakians got nailed 2 weeks ago for using a russian mirror, through a public server. It was cleverly setup, according to the authorities, and took some time to track down. The three men have been charged and told it's possible they will be extradited to Russia to face further charges, along with their russian counterparts.
    There's a lot of rampant piracy here, but it's not the only country, and the government is aware of it, and has and will act.

    I think the member in question has been irresponsible for 'posting' the link, but i must say i am a little surprised Eric, you jumped to a fairly quick judgement on the possible source. You've always been fairly circumspect about hot topics like this. Is the Russian factor really that bad?

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