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Topic: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX

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    Smile Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX


    I was wondering if there was an easy way to tell Cubase that projects I have (100s of them) that use Stylus Classic now need to only use Stylus RMX, as I want to uninstall the original Stylus to save some precious sample data space on my drives.

    Is there a way of doing this, or will I have to manually open up each project, write down the patches used, and re-open those in RMX?

    I don't mind doing that - but would appreciate knowing if there's a workaround for old projects that used the original Stylus.

    Thanks for your help, and great forum btw!!!

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    Re: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX

    Freeze or Bounce the original tracks down to audio.....this is highly recommended to do for all music software, as compatibility is such a bear to keep going over the years.

    Take a screen shot of the classic plug-ins open if you want to see the settings/patch names.


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    Re: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX

    thanks a lot for your help, it's definitely the only way to go.

    It's been a mammoth job.

    On the subject of RMX and SX3.1, I've just noticed a really annoying bug, and can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it!!! It's driving me nuts!

    Basically, I go into Classic Stylus in a project, see that I used an instance of it with "Triangles." It plays out of Stylus 4 which is the 4th instance in my VST instruments rack.

    I go into RMX, set up RMX channel 2 to play back the Sound Menu - Triangles - which gives me the exact same sound which is great!

    However, I want it to output to 'Out B' which in Cubase is StylusRMX 2.

    What's happening is the Triangle sound is playing panned to L65 - which are the settings for "Out A" where I'm using some shakers.

    In SX, there is a drop-down menu on the midi channel, with Output set to StylusRMX 2. Inside RMX, channel 2 (midi channel 2 in Cubase is outputting apparently to StylusRMX 2.

    But it's not! It's refusing to send it to Stylus RMX2, and I can see it clearly coming out of RMX1. Sooooooo annoying!

    I bet you an English ale that it's a Cubase bug messing up the routing somehow, is there any way around this.

    I've saved, exited, tried removing RMX and then redoing it - all to no avail.


    Thanks again

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    Re: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX

    Sounds a bit complicated to try and troubleshoot on a forum. I'd recommend contacting tech support directly.



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    Re: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX

    ok will do,


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    Re: Porting Stylus Classic Projects into RMX


    Reading your post I remember having kind of the same issue a while ago.

    It appeared that the triangle loop had, as a factory setting, an edit group in it, and this edit group was routed to output a.

    Check it out it this is the case with the loop you're using.


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