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Topic: .swf files won't open

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    .swf files won't open

    Im trying to download the orchestration lessons, but the downloaded .swf files ask for which program to open them with

    - Windows Media, Real Player, or Quicktime won't play them
    - I HAVE installed Macromedia Flash v.8

    how can I proceed?

    (WIN98SE, Firefox

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    Re: .swf files won't open


    It seems as if Flash 8 is not properly working with your browser. Please verify that Flash 8 is installed properly in your browser. I see you have Windows 98 and that may be the problem. Perhaps you can also try it in IE and see if that works.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: .swf files won't open

    I second that. I would also like to save these valid lessons. and I'm on winxp + IE with the newest version of flash. any idea why these files open online, but not offline?


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