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Topic: Gigout - Grand Chorus In Dialogue

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    Gigout - Grand Chorus In Dialogue

    Perhaps one of the best known works of Eugene Gigout, "Grand Chorus In Dialogue" is a fireworks display of musicianship. The piece is designed to show off the skills of the organist and the registers of the performing instrument in the form of a dialogue, a discussion provided by the ever changing modulations and forms of the opening theme.

    This arrangment was written for the Eastman Trombone Choir. It consists of a double trombone choir (each of 1A, 3T, 1B), organ, timpani and cymbals. The themes are passed back and forth between the trombone choirs and the organ.


    GPO Instruments;
    Choir 1: Tenor Solo, Ten Plr 1, Ten Plr 2, Ten Plr 3, Bass Solo 1
    Choir 2: Tenor Solo, Ten Plr 1, Ten Plr 2, Ten Plr 3, Bass Solo 2
    Organ: Baroque Plenum
    Percussion: Timpani and Cymbals



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    Re: Gigout - Grand Chorus In Dialogue

    A handsome adaptation, Gary.

    The trombone choiring works quite well with the conversation in this!

    This should be quite a knock-out in a good hall or church environment.

    I rarely say "add more reverb" about a rendering, but maybe in this one...


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