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Topic: JABB not sounding the same in Kontakt2

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    JABB not sounding the same in Kontakt2

    I loaded up the Vintage Elec. piano in Kontakt and noticed immediately that it does not sound the way it does when loaded in the JABB player.This goes for almost all the instruments.
    I figure it has something to do with the settings not being loaded with the samples but I'm not sure why or how to fix this.

    Anyone have a similar problem or (even better) a solution?


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    Re: JABB not sounding the same in Kontakt2


    There is a sticky in the GPO support section that covers this issue. See here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=36092 Since JABB uses the same Kontakt 1.5 player, the issue is the same.

    You will need to enter cc values in your tracks to match the performance of the player's default load values. Exactly which controllers and values depends on the instrument and the corresponding text files values. Using JABB in the full version of Kontakt has its inconveniences. Fortunately, the Kontakt 2 player is going to eliminate this incompatibility when it is released.


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