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Topic: Video for Scoring Practice

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    Smile Video for Scoring Practice

    I see and ask this question from time to time on different forums. It seems like a pretty important one for rookies, too:
    Where can budding composers get stock video to practice scoring on, and possibly use in their reel?

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    Re: Video for Scoring Practice

    Try this:


    They have several public domain silent movies, including a couple of classics like "Nosferatu" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".

    Good luck. Hope to hear you at the movies!
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    Re: Video for Scoring Practice

    Very off topic, but what an absorbing archive film site that link provides. I just watched the German film, Garden of Eden. Having youth-hostelled down the banks of the Rhine in youth, it is very evocative of that part of Germany, industrialised, ugly, but populated with people with unchanging life patterns, and who would not wish to be anywhere else in the world.

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    Re: Video for Scoring Practice

    Why not ask some film makers at http://www.ukscreen.com/

    Also try the film students at your local college and university. It's a good time to develop relationships with the new generation of directors.

    Good luck


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