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Topic: Microsoft Unveils 'Vista Premium' Requirements

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    Microsoft Unveils 'Vista Premium' Requirements

    Arstechnica reports that:

    "Microsoft recently informed system builders as to what the company considers to be the optimal configuration for the "Premium" Windows Vista experience, and it will use these standards to govern its logo certification program. For us, that means we have a glimpse of what we can expect to see shipping from OEMs in a few short months, as they traditionally have hastened to meet logo certification requirements. In no particular order, these are the notable additional requirements for Premium certification:
    Effective now:
    • HD Audio support that passes a "high-fidelity audio experience" test (exception: Business class systems have until June 1, 2007).
    • Support for Direct3d 9 and DXGI feature sets (Direct3d 10 mandated by June 1, 2008).
    • At least one digital output (e.g., DVI-D) for all add-in video adapters (not integrated video: that doesn't change until June 1, 2008).
    • 100Mb Ethernet and/or and WiFi (802.11g must be supported; 802.11a can be supported only in addition to 802.11g).
    • USB 2.0 ports throughout
    • System resumes from ACPI S3 state ("suspend-to-ram") in <2 seconds (does not include user mode initialization, i.e., total "wake" time will be longer than 2 seconds)
    June 1, 2007, or later:
    • A Green Driver Quality Rating for all drivers.
    • If Serial ATA is used, Serial ATA 2.5 must be supported.
    • "Protected Video Path" (PVP) support, including HDCP.
    • Support for booting from USB drives, including flash drives
    • Hiccup-free HD playback, including hardware-based H.264/MPEG-4 decoding.
    • At least one digital output (e.g., DVI-D) for all integrated video adapters (June 1, 2008).

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    Re: Microsoft Unveils 'Vista Premium' Requirements

    Note that while I'm an active member of these forums, I'm also a Microsoft employee. These comments are my own, based on my own experience, but may offer better or more accurate insights or observations because of my "day job."

    The Premimum logo requirements are available to computer makers to help them get quality components to deliver on their systems. The Logo program is a guideline, and it doesn't mean that other components won't work on Vista, or that other components are not high quality. It will (in the very least) help you identify components that have been tested and work at a certain level. It also means that these devices probably have a very wide distribution (i.e., they sell lots of them - especially to computer manufacturers).

    The Logo program requires that devices meet specific test requirements. These requirements may range from specific quality concepts like fidelity, to performance, to remote management, to supporting standy and shutdown. There are tests that these partners need to run and submit their test results for review before we certify them.

    Being logo'd doesn't mean that something is going to be better than a non-logo'd product, but having a logo means that (in the very least), a minimal set of quality tests have been run and accomplished without failure.

    In addition, devices that are Logo'd (and a few other categories) can submit their drivers to make them available for download using Windows Update. This makes it a lot easier for you to find out when an update happens, even if you don't want to download it automatically. You shouldn't expect every driver update to be on Windows Update, but (in general) the major fixes for major components (i.e., Video) are there.

    Most Pro Audio devices are not logo'd, but the quality is high. These folks live by their reputation in the audio community, and this doesn't mean that they aren't high quality.

    There are logo requirements that may/may not make a difference to you, and areas where, against common sense, they may. We had a situation a while back where a driver for a non-audio device was actually causing excessive "glitching" on the audio device. This specific problem has been fixed, but as with any piece of software or hardware you may encounter other strange conflicts.

    What does it mean for musicians/audio folks?

    You will have some devices that work just fine without having a Premium Logo, while others will, quite frankly, frustrate you and keep you from making music. Get recommendations from friends and through forums like this one.

    Here's some guidance:
    1. If you have a device you REALLY need, or just love (insert audio device name here), that isn't logo'd, check the manufacturer's site to see if they have drivers that support Vista before you upgrade the machine, or install the device on Vista. Vista, in a lot of ways, is a revolutionary release that requires some manufacturers to do things a little differently. As a user, you don't really need to understand what is different, but you should be aware that things are different.

    If you don't see the info on their site, call their help desk and ask. Microsoft has been contacting pro audio partners about Vista for some time, but they don't always take the time (or the resources) to get ahead of the curve. It's not that they don't want to, but in some cases it's just not possible with all the other things they are trying to do.

    2. If you are buying a device where the brand or model is not absolutely critical (i.e., an external hard drive), look for a device that's logo'd for Windows Vista. These devices have to meet a number of requirements This will save you time and frustration. I have talked to friend who worn ON Windows that have bought devices, when they had other choices, and ended up throwing them away because they just didn't work.
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    Re: Microsoft Unveils 'Vista Premium' Requirements

    Or go to "Google | Groups" to search usenet, enter the name of the product along with the word "problem" and get the real life info.


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