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Topic: Help! (lack of) MIDI - madness driving me crazy

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    Angry Help! (lack of) MIDI - madness driving me crazy

    OK, so I've been trying for a few days now to set up a new GS2.54 computer using an XPC SS59GV2 case (Intel socket) for a client. I built a very similar system for myself a year ago using an older XPC case, and everything seems to be fine with this new PC except for one annoying thing...

    For some reason, the MIDI input ports of Gigastudio are not functioning. No matter what settings, MIDI devices or ports I try using, the MIDI monitor section of GS just shows 4 greyed out ports connected to a greyed-out-ish keyboard icon. Double clicking on the keyboard icon will cause it (the keyboard, not the port numbers) to flash red intermittently. I've tried a million things, everything I could possibly thing of - no matter what settings, version of GS, audio card or MIDI device I use, the darn ports are just disabled somehow by Gigastudio - I've set them up numerous times in the 'Hardware/Routing' tab, and the application remembers the settings when I reboot, but it still refuses to actually use those ports for anything and the MIDI monitor remains all greyed out.

    I've reformatted with WinXP Pro so many times now, I have it down to a science. I've tried 2 different audio cards, the Echo Gina 3G and the Echo Mia MIDI (which is what I used in my other XPC giga). I've tried GS2.54 and GS3, I've tried using MidiOverLan and I've tried using only a USB Midisport 2x2. No matter what the configuration, no matter how fresh the install of WinXP or Gigastudio, it just does not want to use it's MIDI in ports no matter what they are.

    Can anyone help? I'm losing my mind over here.

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    Re: Help! (lack of) MIDI - madness driving me crazy

    nevermind, turning off hyperthreading fixed it.

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    Re: Help! (lack of) MIDI - madness driving me crazy

    Hey everyone.. I recently bought gigastudio 3 and installed it on our home computer (Dell 4600-no hyperthreading)) I'm pretty sure I have all the system requirements (except the gsif soundcard, but I'm rewiring through Adobe Audition) I got Gigastudio to produce sound using the onboard keyboard within the program, but I can't seem to figure out how to successfully connect my Roland XP-80 thru midi to use as a controller. I'm using a Turtle Beach Midi to USB interface and I'm not sure what setting (if any) in Gigastudio or Adobe Audition that I'm not setting correctly. I just want to be able to use my keyboard as a controller....I cant be the only one who has ever had this problem, so can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm not that technically minded, and my eyes tend to glaze over at technospeak, so pleas keep it simple if you can help me. Just pretend that you're trying to explain something to Homer Simpson....not really, but you know what I mean. I'd appreciate it...G

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