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Topic: How to make a go of Song Writing?

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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?

    Quote Originally Posted by synthuser
    I think I still have more to learn on developing solid hooks and targeting specific styles, but I am curious to know what your thoughts are at going the song-writing route.
    You're doing well.

    I realize I could very easily get slammed here as I'm trying to go mainstream, but I can handle that risk to get some feedback from some very professional credible folks.
    I don't think anyone should question or criticize your choice. Those that do should be ignored. Follow your heart... that's where the music is.

    A few samples (embellished with GPO in spots, especially if you listen for string decorations):
    Very strong writing. Good stuff.

    I can also dip into more electronic/ambient sounds like:
    Also excellent execution.

    I'm not sure at which angle you're asking the question? Marketing your songs to an artist? Marketing your songs to the public? Writing the songs? Can you clarify where your thoughts are on this.

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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?

    If I was to criticise, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find anything like this in the pop charts - at least in this decade!
    'Pop' nowadays is stuff like Maroon 5, Kaiser Chiefs, Jack Johnson, Keane etc - and trying to emulate that sort of stylistic writing and production would be a very good idea.

    Other than the vocals sounding a little harsh (not because of the singer, just how they sit in the mix) the production is very nicely done. I'd try to get a better piano sound if possible.

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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?

    Good points. If you can get hold of them, or listen to the 30sec snippets on iTunes (other online music distributors are available) then have a listen to 'Modern Way' by the Kaiser Chiefs, 'Harder to Breathe' by Maroon 5, or anything by Muse, Ben Folds, Fiona Apple or Jason Mraz. These guys all write their own stuff so inevitably songwriters will be in demand if they can write in similar styles.
    Admittedly I'm a) British, so not entirely up-to-speed with American charts, and b) slightly ignoring all of the utter sh!te hip-hop/R'nB/indie that proliferates the charts. There are wonderful examples of each to be found, but a lot of it is homogenous bilge. But then again, maybe that's what the public wants!

    Songwriting eh? It's a maze, but succesful writers can do very, very well out of it.

    My suggestion would be to try and find a singer or two, who doesn't write. Offer to write them some stuff, and send the demos off as an example of your writing and also as an artist demo. If they like the songs, you might get a publishing deal, and if the artist gets signed, you get all the author royalties!

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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?

    If it works like back in my day ...

    If you are only interested in writing, you should probably submit your material to publishers. If they pick you up, then they will shop your material to various artists. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to pitch the labels or artists or their managers, but most of the time, they do not take unsolicited material, which basically means you need to submit to them through a publisher, your own manager or an entertainment attorney.

    If you want to perform, you will probably need an agent/manager to shop the lables for you. Artists can do this themselves, but are sometimes not taken seriously by the industry.

    Also, it seems like a good idea to start a relationship with a small indie label or a local studio. If you can achieve major recognition on a local level, it could be seen and picked up by a bigger label.

    This might be archaic info, but maybe it will give you a start. I used to use the "Recording Industry Sourcebook". I don't know if it is still a good source for industry contacts.


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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?


    I decided I had a song that was right for the tv show Joan of Arcadia. I just took the bold approach and called the show's production office. To my surprise I was given the name of the music supervisor for the show. I called him and he kindly told me to go ahead and send him the song. A few weeks later I received a phone call from him. He told me he liked the song but didn't think it was right for the show. He also told me to send other songs to him for the show. I wasn't successful that time but it shows you what a little creativity and assertiveness will do. I think most people would have said it was foolish of me even to try, that things don't happen that way. And they're right--they don't happen to them that way because they don't try. Be bold, not rude, assertive, but respectful and see what happens.

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    Re: How to make a go of Song Writing?

    You might also check out Taxi. I have made some good contacts through them.



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